We now provide 2 set of services to enable our clients to obtain the nutrition profile of every dish they sale. The choice of which service to choose remains at the discretion of each client and the advice of the nutritionist. For example, the nutritionist may recommend a lab test of your vegetable stock and use the result to build the nutrient profile of the dish that goes into.

Digital Contract

Recipes Analysis of every dish of your menus

  • Carried out by our team of nutritionists

  • 5 working days turnaround results

  • £20 per analysis of menu item (No charge for sub-recipes)

Lab Worker

Lab Testing of your food sample

  • 10 days turnaround timing for results

  • £135 per food sample testing

  • Carried out in one of our partners lab 

  • Results reviewed by our team of nutritionists

We are almost unique because we are chefs and nutritionists and understand the basic of recipes, portion size and cooking techniques. We also understand the complexity of transforming a food recipe into a finished nutrient profile, considering for example the percentage weight lost during cooking processes, sub-recipe analysis; from the simplicity of a seared fillet of salmon to the complexity of a dish like a lamb hotpot.

Our Chefs have worked in different kitchen settings in the UK and the managers they worked with have always expressed the need of having nutrients profile alongside the recipes and menus, either displayed, or just as folder available in the front/back of the house.

Have a look below at the demos we have prepared to help you understand the steps we take to achieve the nutritional information of each food sample through recipe analysis (recipes, ingredients, nutrient analysis, food quantities and food label information).

Granola Demo


Salmon Demo


Chicken Demo


DISCLAIMER: The nutritional composition of the food may vary from the information published due to natural variations in the food, cooking methods etc.