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Welcome to the CalorieFinder Ltd, your dedicated service platform to obtain the nutritional information of foods, plus the blog constantly updated with nutritional research, to facilitate our understanding of foods and how the foods we eat nourish the body thus helping us create a better relationship with our foods as we age.


The CalorieFinder Ltd was founded by Registered Associated Nutritionist (ANutr) Clyde Boris Ngounou. Clyde studied Nutrition (BSc) at Kingston University London (2012-2015) while working as a chef in a London top brasserie. Both experiences allowed Clyde to develop a strong network of chefs and nutritionists at the heart of the CalorieFinder services.

With the worry of helping food businesses in keeping the public informed, the CalorieFinder is here to support food businesses to obtain the nutritional information of recipes and menus. Thus service is already changing the way hospitality is being delivered in the UK. We suggest and advice restaurateurs and food businesses on how nutritional information can be used to attract / increase clientele and we support chefs to create healthier alternatives to their recipes. There is a reciprocity as our service is made to support food businesses on one side and so helping the general public making informed dining choices; this create a win/win situation between food businesses and their clients.

Clyde is an advocate for healthier food options and better nutrition out of home especially in the workplace and is driven by sustainability.

We hope you like our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Please get in touch with any feedback, question or comment you may have.

With gratitude,

Clyde Boris Ngounou ANutr, Nutritionist and Founder.


Can't you see how much l love foods?

One of my favourite quotation is: "we are what we eat". So be encouraged to eat what you love but also to know what you eat, not just the calories but the overall nutrients density of your meals, especially the vitamins and minerals from a varied diet; the keyword here is Variety.

Clyde Boris Ngounou, ANutr

Nirusha Pahladi ANutr.jpg

Nirusha is already an accomplished Nutritionist with a great reputation. She graduated from Kingston University in 2016 with a 2:1 in Nutrition and became a freelance Nutritionist, producing a lot of content for newspapers and magazines in Mauritius.

Just like Clyde, Nirusha is also registered with the Association for Nutrition in the UK, and she works toward evidence-based studies in nutrition and emphasise on mindful healthy eating strategies. She is involved in producing evidence based information for the CalorieFinder.

Nirusha Pahladi, ANutr

Marina Saif_edited.jpg

Marina Saif, Nutritionist & Health Coach

Marina graduated from Kingston university in 2015 with a 2:1 degree in Exercise, Nutrition & Health. Over the years, she has worked in varies roles and with a range of population groups in public health to assist in the implementation & intervention of healthier lifestyles through the combination of exercise and nutrition to help reduce the risk of diseases and improve quality of life. She has worked in schools as a health & sports coach, has administered and lead workshops for parents to introduce healthy meals & physical activity at home, and as a Health & well-being coach, she has helped individuals with high risk of type 2 diabetes to significantly reduce that risk through lifestyle changes. She is also a certified personal trainer and occupational health advisor and experienced in health screening and coaching.

She has tremendous passion for promoting healthier lifestyles to the public. She is involved in producing evidence based information for the CalorieFinder.

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