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At the CalorieFinder, we believe everyone should know the nutrition profile of every meal we consume, whether it is a take home (takeaway) food, or  just at work having lunch.

We are advocating for healthier food options and better nutrition out of home, in the workplace and in our canteens.

Our mission is to empower chefs or anyone in charge of a food business to obtain the nutrient profile of every dish they sale; not just calories but the complete macronutrients picture of every meal to help us better understand the nutritional quality of our meals.

We are almost unique and pride ourselves in our approach and the close relationship we have and aim to maintain with our clients and their food businesses.

Our research team is made of nutritionists and chefs; this combined background makes our job easy to fulfill. Visit Purus, the CalorieFinder's blog created to share helpful tips and articles on foods, nutrition and health using evidence based science. Email us if you want the nutritionists to cover a topic on nutrition and health with evidence based information.

What We Do

We provide the recipe analysis and/or lab testing of every meal on the menus in food businesses; For example, whether you're ordering a meal from your favourite local restaurant or you are in a restaurant and order a plate of food, you may want to know the nutritional quality of the foods on the plate. We support chefs and food businesses by analysing their recipes or testing the food samples to obtain the nutritional  information.

We are based in London and YES we cover the whole of the UK. We receive food recipes and samples from our clients and we establish the nutrient profile of every food, based on the recipes we receive and the cooking techniques used.

Our current clients include prestigious cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets, food delivery businesses and private chefs; we are extending our services to publishing chefs, canteens, hotels, contract catering businesses, [etc.. ]

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How It Works


Please contact us so we can arrange your food sample collection.


1. Prepare your recipes for analysis by getting them together in a folder or one word document.

2. Send your recipes to be analysed by email to (you pay £20 for each menu item).  [Confidentiality Statement].

3. You will receive a notification with information on when the analysis will be ready (generally up to 24 hours for up to 10 recipes).

4. You receive the recipe analysis with detailed macronutrients content.

Please note a technician can also visit your site for your recipes collection.

Get in Touch

Call us: 02039077715

(Please stay on the line & someone will be with you shortly)


Email us:


Address: 124 City Road, London. EC1V 2NX

Did you know we can come to you, and also you can request a nutritionist for your canteen?

Request a visit by submitting this form and we will schedule a visit to your business and support your project on nutrition.

Also speak with us for our bespoke annual support offers which benefit larger businesses with regular menu changes.

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Scheduled Delivery

We aim to deliver your recipes analyses on the same day (especially for clients with a changing daily menu or specials).

On a larger business scale, we aim to deliver the recipe analysis in no more than 5 business days.

We aim to deliver your lab testing results in no more than 10 working days.

Customer Service

We want all of our customers to experience an impressive level of professionalism when dealing with The Caloriefinder. All our services, exist to make your life a little easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the nutrient analyses, as well as top quality customer service.


"I am very proud of the services the CalorieFinder has provided. It has given me detailed nutritional information on my menu and made me more confident as I'm aware of all the ingredients and there benefits."

Fatma Sami, Meetinz Cafe

"Working with the CalorieFinder has been great experience: professional, hands-on, fast, meticulous, responsive.

I would highly recommend."

Aadit Shankar, Atcha


"We found the CalorieFinder very professional and thorough. We highly recommend to anyone looking for their services to meet up coming regulations."

Tahani A Chattha, Dixy Chicken

Food Label Information
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